How it works

Create An Account

To become a member you must register with etor and create an account by following simple signup process.


Step 01

Select a plan

Click on the plan button on top of the page. Now you will be redirect to packages page their choose one of the package which you can afford and click on it . Example :- here I selected $199 package .

Step 02

Select Payment method

After choosing the plan select the payment method in which you want to do your investment i.e bitcoin ,etherum, and tron . You can choose any of the currency to do your payment and click proceed. Example :- here I selected tron

Step 03

How to complete payment

Now send exactly the same amount which is mentioned on the screen. For Example : here i selected $200 package and my payment method is tron (trx) so here it is mentioned to send 7295.34trx to the address which is given below.

Step 04

Updating TXID after sending payment to the given address

Once after the transaction is completed from your wallet to the given address a transaction id (TXID) is generated. Please paste that transaction id in the below column and press buy package button and kindly wait for few minutes.

Step 05

Receive your Etor Tokens

Once the process is completed go to wallets button and click on it. There you will find your etor wallet with new updated balance.

Step 06

Check your Earnings

You can check your earnings by clicking on earnings button. There you will find the amount of earnings you can withdraw and these earnings will be updated for every 15days .

Step 07


In your dashboard click on earnings button there you will find the amount of earnings you can withdraw. You can choose your withdrawal among these payment methods (bitcoin, etherum, tron ,usdt and etor).